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The Pan Mill is a Multi-Purpose cutting and milling machine, is strongly built, friendly and safe and has a low dust output!

Cheapest running cost per kg hammer mill
Our Story

The Pan Mill was designed by a South African, Brian Mc Grath.

The idea of ​​the machine was born out of the need to farm in a simpler way. Grinding food for his farm animals has become a demanding task. The hammer mill that was available then, was not suitable for the small farmer. He then used his initiative and inventiveness to develop a simpler, cost-effective electric or petrol machine.

After 2 years of playing with different designs, blades and screens, he was finally able to build this effective machine. It is designed for production efficiency and to operate with the minimum manpower. It is ideal to grind just the right amount of food for your animals.  

The Pan Mill 3000 was the first machine and underwent the most change over the years. It changed shape, car changed. Even the color changed from blue and yellow to only yellow. The color change is brought about so that dust does not show up so easily on the machine. Recently the name was changed from the models from PlaasJapie to Pan Mill 3000 and from Landman to Pan Mill 4000. After much demand for a larger machine for the larger farm, the three phase model was enlarged and is now called the Pan Mill 5000.

Pan Mill 3000
Single Phase model which works on Single Phase electricity with a 3 Kw, Single Phase motor.
Pan Mill 5000 Plus
3 phase 5Kw industrial electrical motor and you need 3 Phase electricity.
Alfie model
The Alfie is a petrol model
Other Accessories and price list
Please note that the following products are not suitable – silage, reeds, sugar cane, dagga  
Also use for forage, grass, straw, hay, bean hay, peanut residue, corn residue etc.
8 mm screen: Crushed maize: 80% crushed & 20% gritty +/- 1000 - 1200 Kg  
3 mm screen : Chick-chick: 80% fine & 20% gritty +/- 500 - 600 Kg per hour  
14 mm screen : Lucerne, hay, grass, oats etc. +/- 10 - 15 bales per hour  
25 mm screen : Lucerne, hay, grass, oats, maize residue etc. +/- 3 minutes (single phase) - 40 sec (3 Phase) per bale of Lucerne
Advantages and Characteristcs 
  • For the farmer or any other user wishing to add value to his operation, the pan mill presents a low cost effective, sensible and practical option.  
  • The benefits are: 
    • low capital and low running costs.  
    • No big tractors or huge electrical motors, 
    • Minimal maintenance, 
    • Faster milling times.  
  • For a minimal investment a big return can be obtained in terms of monetary advantages if used as an income producing asset, or if supplied to groups or communities to mill for food or feed for their daily needs.  
  • The Pan Mill machines are designed and built to be cost effective and power saving.  
  • It is easy to use, safe and there is low dust output.  
  • Cost of spare parts for these machines, are very low with the useable parts easily to replace and easily obtainable.  
  • Though the Pan Mill has been developed for the processing of animal food, you can also use it to process food for human consumption.  
  • It is being used for:  
    • milling chemicals,  
    • herbs & spices,  
    • foods such as maize meal (polenta),  
    • super bind,  
    • hoodia,  
    • dry aloe and herbal tea.  
  • You can use your Pan Mill to mill up basically any of the following DRY products:  
    • Lucerne,  
    • Straw,  
    • Bean-or Monkey-nut Hay,  
    • Grass,  
    • Oats Maize residue and  
    • all DRY grain. 
  • The casing is factory made and powder coated.  
  • The Pan Mill works with a horizontal cutting action that creates a strong wind force.  
  • Different screens are used for different products and end results.  
  • Two wing nuts are used to fasten and replace the screens.  
  • The usable parts include: 
    • blades (which can be sharpened). When replaced the bolts and nuts must also be replaced;  
    • and the screens.  
  • The only requirement is that the produce has to be dry so that the screens do not get clogged.  
  • One person can operate the Pan Mill.  
  • It has a two or four bag capacity, depending on the model.  
  • Other attachments can be attached such as auger feeders.
Contact details

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Renée Mc Grath  
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